Posts from September 2015

Sunday Evening Prayer

Many times in scripture, the bible discusses praying together as a body.  It’s needed for growth, it’s a discipline and it just plain helps bring you closer to the Lord and your brothers and sisters in Christ!  Come join us Sunday, October 4th at 5pm for a special time of praying.

Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  There will be baskets available in the foyer for you to share any cards or sentiments with the pastoral staff.  They work hard for our church, let’s show them how much they’re loved and appreciated!

What he wants us to be

I’ve been reading this book that someone highly recommended. It’s called Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People. Sounds cool doesn’t it? It’s written by a 44 year old female Lutheran “pastor” who is compelling to hear and interesting to look at with her colorful tattoos and unique style. I started off interested […]

His Perspective

“You have not seen Christ, but still you love Him.  You cannot see Him now, but you believe in Him.”  1 Peter 1:8   Some years ago a sociologist accompanied a group of mountain climbers on an expedition.  Among other things, he observed a distinct correlation between cloud cover and contentment.  When there was no […]

A Seat At The Table

Crystal and I were privileged Sunday night to eat dinner with a new, young couple who has started attending our church.  Looking back now, I’m seeing that my family descended on their new house like ravenous vultures who had just found their next meal by the roadside.  They were gracious to us to say the […]

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