Posts from March 2016

Unity Prayer Time

Don’t forget, if your last name starts with an A or B, your prayer time will start this Sunday (4-3) at 10 am in the Conference Room.  One representative for each family will meet as we pray together for Unity, Peace and Direction!


Do you ever stop and think how good you have it? Sunday was amazing!!! Christ has risen and we have celebrated, but now it’s the middle of the week after Easter Sunday. If your day is like mine, it’s turning out to be a “normal” day. Not less special than most, but not any more […]

What was nailed to the cross?

          “God made you alive with Christ, and He forgave all your sins.  He canceled the debt, which listed all the rules we failed to follow.”  Col. 2:13-14   All the religions in the world can be placed in one of two camps, legalism or grace.  Humanity does it or God […]

Go & Make

I have been reading this book that an older friend of mine gave to me, which contain sermons written well before I was born and yet speak so directly. These words grabbed me today… “a (holiness) message is desperately needed in these days, and such preachers as these are presenting it in the spirit of […]

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