Posts from July 2016

The Only Choice is Ours

“If you don’t want to serve the Lord, you may choose for yourselves today whom you will serve.” Joshua 24:15 God’s invitation is clear, and non-negotiable. He gives all and we give Him all. Not too hard to understand is it? What God is asking is very clear, and what God is offering is equally […]

Your Relationship Matters More

WHAT IF…everyone at RFN knew every single thing about you with no secrets untold? Truth is we would probably give you addresses of other churches you could go visit. WHAT IF…everyone knew every single thing about the preacher on the stage with no secret unknown from his entire life. Fact is you probably would not […]

Unity Prayer Time

If your last name starts with  S through W, your prayer time will be this Sunday at 10 am in the Conference Room.  One representative for each family will meet as we pray together for Unity, Peace and Direction!

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