Trusting in God

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled.  Trust in God, and trust in Me.”  Jn. 14:1

In spite of all of our ivy-covered walled institutions, in spite of all of our sheepskin degrees, in spite of all the Stephen Hawking types who believe they “know” sooo much, the fact remains that our little minds are ill-equipped to handle the thoughts of eternity. When it comes to an existence with no boundaries of space and time, we don’t have the hooks for those hats.  Consequently, our Lord takes the posture of a parent and says, “Trust Me”. Don’t lose sleep over all the conjecture concerning the
return of Christ.  Don’t be anxious about things you cannot possibly comprehend.  For the Christian, the return of our
Lord is not a riddle to be solved, or a biblical code to be broken, but rather it is a day to be anticipated.

Let’s live that way.

-Pastor Riley-

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