What are you doing?

“The Lord is close to everyone who prays to Him, to all who truly pray to Him.” Ps. 145:18

Healing begins when we do something. Healing begins when we reach out. Healing begins when we take a step. God’s help is near and always available, but it is only given to those who seek it. Nothing results from apathy. Not caring is very unattractive to heaven. God honors radical, risk-taking faith. When arks are built, lives are saved. When soldiers march, Jerichos tumble. When staffs are raised, seas still open. When a lunch is shared, thousands are fed. And when a garment is touched, whether by the hand of an anemic woman in Galilee, Jesus stops. He always stops and responds. What are you doing? “I’m praying.” I know, but what are you doing?

-Pastor Riley-

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