Posts from March 2017

There’s A Reason

In the book of Esther, the Lord has shown favor to the newly crowned queen (Esther) through unlikely circumstances. Queen Esther is at the palace and hears that her cousin Mordecai has covered himself in sackcloth and is standing outside the palace trying to be heard. Queen Esther totally misses the point and the plight […]

He Has Been There

“He took our suffering on Him and felt our pain for us.” Isa. 53:4 Jesus knows how you feel. You’re under the gun at work? Jesus knows how you feel. You’ve got more to do than is humanly possible? So did He. People take more from you than they give? Jesus understands. Your teenagers won’t […]

Are You Hiding In Him Today?

I was doing my devotions this morning and as part of the reading I came across this familiar hymn. It reminded me of 30 years ago when I would sing as a kid in church on Sunday night. It was written in 1763 and pleads with God the same way I find myself in modern […]

God Can Do it All

“God can do all things.” Mk. 10:27 Pretty simple scripture verse isn’t it? A lot of the world, some “believers”, would scoff at such a claim. For example: “How can God be everywhere at one time?” Who says God is bound by a body? “How can God hear all the prayers being prayed all around […]

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