Being Missionaries

This past Sunday at church was GREAT!!! Baptisms showed new spiritual life. Graduates were honored and “sent” to the next phase of life and service to Christ. Then Pastor shared his heart with us on reaching another generation, re-launching our church, and being missionaries to Willow Spring​. It was an encouraging and challenging day in so many good ways. One thing he said that has rattled around in my head the last day or two is, “There is the World I live in and the Word I live by.” In a world that is moving more from Christ than towards Him, we must remember that we hold to God’s Word. We memorize it, study it, hear it, and then do it. We are bold in holding to the parts we like and tenacious to abide by the parts that we are challenged by and need to work on. I hope today you have made time to pray and spend a few minutes reading God’s Word that is alive and active. May it be so in your life! We will launch a campus in Willow Spring. We will be missionaries, but we can be thankful that EVERY STEP OF THE WAY God is holding our hand as He leads and guides. When amazing things happen, He will get all the glory.

-Pastor Phillip-

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