“Who’s in charge of this road trip”

“Continue praying, keeping alert, and always thanking God.” Col. 4:2

Can you imagine taking a family road trip and doing everything your kids wanted, giving them everything they asked? First, it would take forever to get to where you were going, and secondly imagine the bloated bellies in the back seat.

Can you imagine if God did everything He was asked to do in all the prayers sent up to heaven every day?

God’s destiny for each of us is to get us through this life, and into heaven. There will be encouraging stops along the way. He discourages unnecessary, unwise stops we want to take. When what He wants for us and what we want are different, a divine decision often has to be made. One might ask, who’s in charge of this road trip. If God must choose between your earthly satisfaction and your heavenly salvation, which do you hope He chooses? Me too.

-Pastor Riley-

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