Straight Lines of Grace

In the book of Acts, there is a story about a guy named John Mark. Maybe you can relate.

John Mark had gone with Paul and Barnabas on a mission trip. When things got tough, he chickened out and went back home. Around comes another trip and John Mark is excited to go again but Paul refuses. He would NOT budge. It got so heated that Paul and Barnabas split over the issue and apparently never worked together again. That’s what strikes me as so odd in this story. The self-described chief of sinners who received a boatload of God’s unmerited grace and favor, has refused to give John Mark a second chance.

Time eventually proves Paul wrong. John Mark goes on to write the Gospel of Mark. So God considered him worthy to write a part of the Bible, but Paul didn’t think he was worthy to go on a short-term mission trip. Larry Osborne says,

“Maybe God will continue to draw straight lines with crooked sticks, just like he did in the first century”.

I believe He will. May God use our surrendered lives today to draw a straight line of grace in a broken world.

-Pastor Phillip-

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