Admiring God’s Work

On Saturday, I pulled myself out of the bed way too early and headed downtown to Raleigh’s Bug Fest at the Natural Science Museum with my boys. (Side Note: The girls opted out.) It was amazing how much God has created that we don’t even know about. There were all kinds of bugs, spiders, bees, flies, scorpions, etc. One lady had caught 100’s of species of bees right here in Raleigh. She had all of the species labeled and pinned to a board she had created. It was amazing. I don’t like bees, but I can marvel at God’s handiwork on display. How can you look at so many types of creation and not think “there must be something or Someone creating these things”. I walked around Bug Fest a little creeped out and also in awe of all God has created from humans all the way to the smallest insects. He is amazing!!!! Two (2) questions arise in the mind of those who are searching…

1- Does God exist? To which God answers “I AM” in Exodus 3.

2- Why did God create the world? The answer being “for His Glory” is all throughout the Bible.

I think from the largest galaxy to the smallest insect I must see and give God glory.

-Pastor Phillip-

PS: While at Bug Fest, I will have you know I touched zero bugs. However, my son Griffin insisted on touching a tarantula. I respectfully declined. I can praise God from afar.

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