Rejoicing Over the Saved

“Rejoice that your names are written in heaven!”  Luke 10:20

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir recorded a song entitled, “Favorite Song of All”.  The lyrics say, “That’s His favorite song of all, is the song of the redeemed.  When lost sinners now made clean lift their voices loud and strong.  When those purchased by His blood lift to Him a song of love.  There’s nothing more He’d rather hear, nor so pleasing to His ear, as His favorite song of all.” According to Jesus, our spiritual decisions on earth have a thermostatic impact on heaven.  Our obedience pulls the ropes which ring the bells of heaven.  Let a child call and the ear of God the Father inclines.  And most important, let a sinner repent, and every other activity in heaven ceases, and every heavenly being celebrates. That is one big WOW!!!  I wonder why we don’t share that enthusiasm.  Why don’t we drop everything and celebrate when we hear such news?  When a soul is saved, the heart of Jesus becomes like the night sky on the Fourth of July.  Shouldn’t it be the same with us?
-Pastor Riley-
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