Posts from January 2018

Life is Too Short

“Your life is continued to you upon the earth for no other purpose than this, that you may know, love, and serve God on earth, and enjoy Him to all eternity.” John Wesley Wesley knew that we continually live with one foot in the “now” and the other foot in the “not yet”.  The kingdom […]

Podcast: Dream A New Dream

In Pastor Phillip’s first message as Lead Pastor of RFN, he begins a new series called “More Him, Less Me.” In today’s message he discusses the importance of looking ahead toward what could be, instead of longing nostalgically for what once was.

Less of Me/More of Him

Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 16 that to follow Him means that they will have to “deny themselves and take up a cross”. He goes on to describe a man gaining the whole world and yet losing his soul in the process. “What good is that?” He asks. Then Jesus makes a bold claim […]

To Keep Stepping Out in Faith

I was blown away by the sermon Sunday. If you were there, then you know how moving it felt. Pastor Riley’s challenge for us to keep stepping out in faith was so clearly stated. His call to let younger generations see the Lord’s faithfulness is one that I am whole-heartily committed to as Lead Pastor. […]

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