Less of Me/More of Him

Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 16 that to follow Him means that they will have to “deny themselves and take up a cross”. He goes on to describe a man gaining the whole world and yet losing his soul in the process. “What good is that?” He asks. Then Jesus makes a bold claim that to save this life would be wasting it but to lose this life for His sake would meaning finding it in Him. In the series we started on Sunday, I’m praying for you and me. May there be less of me / more of Him.  Crystal and I are linking arms with you at RFN in bold ways. We have marveled at the last few decades and seen how God has moved in so many hearts. We are recipients of the ministry here at RFN in some many ways. We also are continuing to call on the Lord for new winds and a fresh moving of the Holy Spirit. We are at the beginning of our “Dream a New Dream” campaign and believing God for great things. I’m all in. I hope you are praying about how you can be too.

– Pastor Phillip –

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