Don’t Be A Rambo

In a real war, the Rambo types get killed. The guy, who can only go it alone, single-handedly takes on the enemy to his own demise. He is the solo target for the enemy. He says, “I am an army of one”. Once you enlist, as a friend shared with me, you find out that it’s all about the team and not the individual. The same is true of Christianity. If you try to take on the culture of our day by yourself, you’re going down in a hurry. When the day comes for you to stand alone, for what you believe in, I hope you will be prepared for that moment. Two (2) things are super important: Christian friends and a good church.

If today you are unsure, struggling, down, or feel defeated…
– reach out to a good friend
– communicate with your C-Group that you need prayer
– jump into the Word and put on the full armor of God

What you shouldn’t do is to wallow in doubt but fight back with the wisdom of those who love you – the Word and a church body. Also, don’t ask those who have a shallow faith what you should do. Find a mentor and get sound Biblical advice. It’s has saved me more than once!!! I look forward to seeing you this Sunday. I’d appreciate your prayers for this weekend as we continue our series: “Life’s Too Short…”

Pastor Phillip-

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