RFN’s mission is to bring people of all backgrounds into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are located at 1329 US Highway 70 W, in Garner.  Get directions here.

Our church was founded in 1939, located at the corner of Halifax and Franklin Streets, in downtown Raleigh.  In 1956, we moved three blocks south.  We actually, physically cut the building in half, and we rolled the two halves on logs, three blocks south to Wilmington and North Street.  In 1962 we moved to our current location in Garner, just south of Raleigh proper.

Most recently, although the message of God’s love and rescue never changes, God is doing a new thing in us and through us, through our focus on Children, our music, and our back-to-basics teaching.  That is why we are the brand new old church in South Raleigh.

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