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Remembering the True Enemy

I read this blog recently from a friend of our family.  It spoke to me and my wife.  Hope it helps you today. Two weeks ago, I slipped away for 48 hours to the beautiful North Carolina mountains to speak for a women’s retreat. The theme for our time together was “Receiving Your Own Life: How Your Story […]

Saying Goodbye

“Everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die.” John 11:26 We don’t like to say good-bye to those we love. Whether it be at a far off college campus or a cemetery, separation is tough. It’s right for us to tear up; but there is no need for us to despair. That loved […]

Prayer of Confession

This is a historic prayer of confession I came across in a book about spiritual habits called, “You Are What You Love” by James K. A. Smith. It is meant to be confessed by a congregation, but you can also adapt it to fit in your personal prayer time. Most merciful God, we confess that […]

God Fights For Us

“He is my Defender; I will not be defeated.” Psalm 62:6 I have a question for you. What do you think God is doing when you find yourself in a real bind? When the lifeboat springs a leak? When the rip cord snaps and the chute doesn’t open? When the checkbook is already overdrawn and […]

Allegiance in Christ

In Rome, under Caesar, the early Christians had a choice of their allegiance. They rejected the narrative of the 1st century. They said “NO” to the overwhelming majority and said “JESUS IS LORD” at risk of both persecution and death. We too have a choice: Holy allegiance to Jesus Christ or allegiance to the whims […]

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