At RFN Naz Kidz, we know that your children are the most important thing to you.  We think that coming to church should be a highlight in your children’s week.  They will have a blast with us, and you can rest assured knowing that they are safe and secure, learning about God, on a level that they understand.  Sunday mornings your whole family can worship and learn together in Naz Kidz Family Service, and throughout the year you’ll enjoy our Naz Kidz Family Events.

On Sunday morning, park in the lower lot for easiest access to the Children’s department.  You may want to arrive a few minutes early to give yourself enough time to sign in your kids and get everybody where they need to go.  Each week when you sign in your kids, you’ll get a yellow sticker for each child, as well as a guardian sticker to put somewhere on your person.  This sticker will be your ticket back into “The City” section of the building where the classrooms are, and it will also be required to retrieve your children from their classrooms.  This is for your kids’ safety and your peace of mind.

Naz Kidz Family Service: Sundays at 9:30am in the Naz Kidz Gym.  This is the place where PreK-5th Graders and their parents learn together about God’s Big Ideas! It’s a 45-minute, fun, multimedia, interactive experience for the whole family. Our goal is to partner with parents, by presenting the Big Idea for each month, and equipping you to engage your kids in discussions at home where it matters most!

Naz Kidz Classes: Sundays during the 10:30 Adult Service in classrooms in “The City.”  Drop your PreK-5th Grade children off in their classes directly after the Naz Kidz Family Service.  Here they will further unpack and reinforce what they just learned in the Family Service, at a level that is appropriate for them, while you are in the Adult Service.  Need help finding their classroom?  Any of our Naz Kidz adult volunteers will be glad to show you!

What about my infant or toddler?  We provide excellent infant and toddler care throughout Sunday Morning’s activities.  Register them just like your older children.  Then you can drop them off before Naz Kidz Family Service and pick them up after the Adult Service.

My child has special needs. We know that going to a public place, dropping off your child with strangers, and trying to have a positive church experience may be especially difficult for you. Kidz Plus is how we minister to your Special Needs child, as well as your whole family!

My child has food allergies.  At check-in, you will be asked to identify any foods we need to avoid.  We will do our very best to accommodate any needs you have in this area.

What if my child has an emergency or I need to get to them in the middle of a service?  We have a pager system in our nurseries which we will use to contact you if your child needs you (excessive crying or discomfort).  In the case of an emergency, we will come get you immediately, as well as taking any necessary first-aid measures.  If you need to leave early for whatever reason, as long as you have your guardian sticker, you will always be able to get to your child.

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