Adam DeWeber

Pastor Adam’s passion is communicating God’s Love artistically and narrowing the space between the stage and the pews; so worship music is performed by one united body of believers, for an audience of One.

He met his wife, Gretchen, on a college trip in which they rode bicycles and camped down the coast of California. Showers were scarce and nerves were raw, so Adam figured if Gretchen could love him after that, they could get through anything.  They were married in July, 2004, and the family grew to include 3 daughters: Ella, Amelia, and Adeline. The girls are still young enough to think Dad is cool, so he plans on milking that for as long as possible. More importantly, he wants to instill in his daughters that Mom and Dad love them with all their hearts, and God loves them even more than that!

Want to know interesting facts about Adam? He spent a year between high school and college as an exchange student in the French Alps. He is a grammar junkie. He was in Show Choir and a couple of bands, first learning guitar so that he could play a song he had written for a book report in 10th grade.  He claims to be a coffee drinker, but it is more accurate to say he is a coffee sipper since it can take him all day to get through one cup.

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