Amy Pelfrey

Pastor Amy leads Naz Kidz, our children’s ministry. She and her husband, Jason, are newlyweds, so their cuteness level is off the charts right now. Amy is a graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University, where she studied children’s ministry. She has led children’s ministry programs in California and Tennessee, before joining us here in Raleigh.

Amy loves bright colors, especially pink. She even has shirts that are not pink, but they say ‘pink’ on them. Her favorite drink is “AlloftheStarbucks,” and she eats Chinese food every chance she gets. She likes the Cincinnati Reds, the Ohio State Buckeyes, and Number 4 Kevin Harvick. Although she admits that she only follows Nascar because Jason does, she does appreciate that it’s always good background noise for a Sunday nap!

Amy’s passion is to provide an environment where kids are safe and feel God’s love. She enjoys seeing kids and parents worshiping and learning together.

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