Phillip Modlin

Phillip is the husband of his beautiful wife Crystal. Phillip & Crystal graduated from Southern Wesleyan University in Central, South Carolina. Phillip earned a degree in Christian Ministries and has been in ministry for 13 years. Crystal earned a Psychology degree and has also been an RN for the last eight years.

Phillip is the father of Wyatt, Ava, and Griffin.  Doctors told the young Modlin couple that they would never have children. But God had different plans. The kids keep Phillip on the move playing Spiderman, dressing up like Sophia the First, and crawling on all fours like some animal searching for its latest prey.

Following in his dad’s footsteps, Phillip only drives Hondas or Toyotas though he holds great affection for America in all other aspects. If choosing his last meal, Phillip would devour a hamburger  smothered with macaroni and cheese. Then he would top it off with  vanilla bean ice cream and dill pickles. But this would be in a perfect world.

During football season Phillip loves the Carolina Panthers and Ohio State Buckeyes, but during the basketball season he can only be found cheering on the Tarheels.  Phillip loves to watch soccer and pulls for the Columbus Crew.

He chooses to live by the words of Philippians 1 hoping that he conducts himself “in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.”

Phillip has almost moved to Myrtle Beach twice and has decided that if nothing else he will retire by the ocean one day. Just moving from Ohio and having owned a real snow blower, Phillip is good with just making it South.

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